Arabic Boy Names with Meaning

Arabic names are increasingly popular among parents-to-be around the globe. What’s great about Arabic boy names is that they hold deep meanings. Besides, they sound good and are easy to pronounce.

In this article I’m going to introduce you to my personal selection of modern Arabic names for boys. In addition to the English transcription, I’ve included the meaning of each name and the original writing in Arabic script.

Unique Arabic Boy Names

Be it Arabic girl names or Arabic boy names, Arabic first names have something in common: they are meaningful. Since names are usually based on an important event or culturally important thing, they don’t get out of fashion as easily.

Note that Arabic boy names are suitable for boys regardless of their religion! Some names are common Muslim names (such as Muhammad), but most of them are neutral. In fact, not all Arabs are Muslims. Christian Arabs will still have the same names as many of their Muslim friends. That said, you can make your baby boy stand out with a beautiful Arabic boy name regardless of your religion.

List of Arabic Boy Names

Below is a list of my favorite Arabic boy names. The list consists of contemporary names, all-time favorites as well as some unique names.

You’ll find the spelling in both the Latin and the Arabic script. The Arabic script shows how the name is typically spelled. The transcription is more flexible. For example, both Amir and Ameer are correct English transcriptions, while the spelling of the name in Arabic script remains the same.

By the way, have a look at my Arabic alphabet chart if you’d like to learn how to write Arabic.

Any Questions or Feedback?

What’s your favorite Arabic boy name? Share your opinion and questions in the comments section down the page.

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