30 Most Beautiful Arabic Girl Names with Meaning

Arabic girl names are beautiful, meaningful and (generally) easy to pronounce. It’s not surprising that they are increasingly popular among parents-to-be from around the globe. Whether you’re looking for a unique Arabic girl name or an all-time favorite, check out my personal selection of modern Arabic names for girls and their meaning.

Arabic Girl Names Meaning Spelling

What Makes Female Arabic Names Unique

Both Arabic boy names as well as Arabic girl names have one thing in common: they have a unique meaning and don’t get outdated as easily as certain Western names.

Many female Arabic names are derived from meaningful events or other positive feelings or objects. Examples include Jamila (meaning beautiful) or Bayan (clarity, strong appearance).

Some Arabic names are also related to religion, mostly to Islam, the primary religion in most Arabic countries. Note, however, that not all Arabs are Muslims. That’s why many of the common Arabic girls’ names that you’ll find in countries such as Jordan or Lebanon are popular among Muslims and Christians.

Whether you’re an Arab, American or other, Arabic female names are a great choice for parents regardless of origin or religion. In fact, Arabic names are increasingly popular beyond the Middle East. Instead of having another Lara, Ava or Isabella in the class, you will make your baby stand out with an Arabic name.

List of Arabic Girls Names

The best thing about Arabic names is not only their meaningfulness, but also the way they sound. Many female Arabic names are short and typically contain several vowels (a,e,o). That’s what makes them sound so beautiful and (mostly) easy to pronounce, even for non-Arabic speakers.

Below is a list of my favorite Arabic female names. Note that the list consists of both modern and popular as well as traditional and unique names. I’m including Arabic girl names starting with different letters, be it A, B, F or S, to give you some choice.

I’ve included their spelling in both the Latin as well as in the Arabic script. Make sure to check out my Arabic alphabet chart if you’d like to learn how to write Arabic.

Arabic Female Name (Latin Script)Arabic Female Name (Arabic Script)Meaning
AreejأريجA beautiful scent that fills a place
BatoolبتولA name that was given to Virgin Mary, the girl who devoted her life to God
BayanبيانClarity or strong appearance
BisanبيسانRefers to a renowned valley in Jordan in which grows vine trees
Deyaa (*)ضياءBrightness
FadiaفادياProtecting others, saviour
FadwaفدوىA girl who is a savior
Farah (*)فرحJoy or happiness
FareedaفريدةUnique and one of a kind
FatenفاتنAttractive and beautiful
GhadeerغديرPart of a beautiful plant
MaramمرامAim or goal
NarmeenنرمينWhite blossom
NisreenنسرينA blossom with pleasant scent
NoorhanنورهانThe crowned queen
RadwaرضوىObedience and love
RameeshaرميشBunch of roses
ReemريمLittle deer with wide eyes
RihamريهامDelicate raindrops
RubaربىA piece of a highland
SalmaسلمىA soft and quiet girl
SalwaسلوىA comfort to forget sadness
SireenسيرينBride of the ocean
TaghreedتغريدThe sounds of chirping birds
TamaraتماراPalm tree
ZahraزهرةBeautiful rose

Any Questions or Feedback?

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