Best Time to Visit Jordan

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The best time to visit Jordan depends on where you are going and what you wish to see and do. Despite Jordan being a small country, it has different climate zones. The capital Amman is located at high altidude, with warm summers and cold, sometimes snowy, winters. Desert regions located in the south of the country, such as Wadi Rum, are known for hot summers with pleasantly warm springs and autumns.

Best Time for a Roundtrip

Many people come to Jordan to make a roundtrip through the country and see the highlights of Jordan. The best time to do so is from March to June and from September to November. During spring, early summer and autumn, temperatures average 25°C (77°F) in Amman and 30°C (86°F) in southern regions like Aqaba or Wadi Rum. Ideal climate conditions to travel through the entire country and combine hiking and bathing!

Another important factor to consider is the availability of guides and access to sights. Please note that opening hours and availability of sights are different in summer (April-October) and winter (November-March). In winter, many museums and sights open one hour later and close earlier. Wadi Mujib trails, which is one of the highlights of Jordan, are not accessible during winter and are opened only from April to October.

If you are into beautiful landscapes, you will love the flourishing nature of Jordan during spring. Particularly the northern regions (Jerash, Ajloun, Umm Qais) are surrounded by green hills and blossoming flowers in April/May.

Jordan in April: the best time for a roundtrip
Jordan in April: the best time for a roundtrip

Best Time for Wellness

Jordan attracts thousands of visitors yearly seeking wellness and relaxation. Its world famous Dead Sea, the warm water at Ma’in Hot Springs or the rich underwater world of Aqaba’s Red Sea are marvellous places for a wellness retreat. Aqaba is also popular for diving and snorkeling. The climate of those three locations varies from the climate of northern parts such as Jerash or Amman. While summer in the Dead Sea and Red Sea regions brings extremely hot weather, spring, autumn and winter offer a pleasantly mild climate. From September to June, Jordan is a great destination for a wellness retreat.

The highest demand for wellness in Jordan is in spring (March-May) and autumn (September-October). If you are looking for mild winter temperatures at a good price, chances are high you will find a good deal in December/January. With water temperatures averaging 20°C (103°F) at the Dead Sea during in winter, it is a fantastic moment for a winter escape.

Winter at the Red Sea: Mild temperatures at Jordan’s wellness hotspots
Winter at the Red Sea:
Mild temperatures at Jordan’s wellness hotspots

Keep in mind: Ramadan in Jordan

Ramadan is the holy month in which Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during daytime. With shorter working hours, many worshippers dedicate more time to religious activities and their families. For tourists this means that opening hours of most sights are shorter than usual. Furthermore, there are less tourist guides available. Guided tours that require heavy physical activity (such as guided Wadi Mujib trails, hiking in Dana etc) are not available during Ramadan.

As a visitor you can benefit from the special and unique atmosphere in Jordan during Ramadan. Many Jordanians enjoy a late night out with family and friends during that period. In respect of the locals and religion, during Ramadan even non-Muslim visitors should avoid eating and drinking in public during the day. If you are planning a roundtrip that includes the highlights of Jordan, it is best to do so before or after Ramadan. The days after Ramadan (eid) as well as during other religious holidays, are popular days for short vacations for many Jordanians. That means that some places such as Dead Sea or Aqaba might me more crowded. In 2020/2021, Ramadan will be in the months April/May.

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