Where to Ride a Camel in Jordan

Camels have been used by nomadic and Bedouin people for generations. Their ability to walk long hours, store water in their humps and cope with high temperatures made them the perfect working animals for desert peoples. While camels in Jordan still serve as a means of transport and food (camel milk) for the Bedouins, riding camels has also become a popular activity for tourists.

Camels in Jordan Camel Riding

Camels in Jordan

There are various species of camels across the world. About 95% of all camels worldwide are the so-called Camelus Dromedarius, also referred to as dromedaries. Jordan’s camels all belong to the dromedary species, which means they are one-humped camels. Today, there are no longer any wild camels in Jordan. Although you might spot a camel along the highway in some regions, these are domesticated animals that will eventually return to their owners. Camels are at home in the desert regions, thus the southern regions of Jordan.

Camel Riding in Petra

Camel riding is possible in multiple locations across the country. Petra is home to a major Bedouin tribe, owning a large livestock including many horses, goats and camels. Heading to the Treasury of ancient Petra, you will see various camels, often decorated with typical Bedouin fabrics. These make a great photo motive, especially with one of Jordan’s highlights, the Treasury of Petra, in the background. Therefore, if you are interested in getting the experience to sit on a camel and have a great photo motive, Petra is a great place to do so.

Camel Riding in Wadi Rum

If you are looking for the authentic experience of a camel safari, you should definitely head to Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is Jordan’s largest wadi, consisting of a huge sand and rock desert of 720 km² (278 mi²). Embark on a camel ride with local Bedouin guides to get a unique and authentic camel riding experience in the desert landscapes. Camel tours are available in various lengths. You can choose from a camel ride of an hour, half a day, a full day or even multiple days.

Camel Riding Wadi Rum Jordan
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