Driving in Jordan

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Renting a car in Jordan is the preferred choice of most Jordan travelers. There’re various internationally renowned car rental companies across Jordan to choose from. Read more about where you can find a rental car and what to take into account when renting a car in Jordan.

Car Rental Locations in Jordan

Rental cars are available in multiple locations across the country. Most international rental companies have a branch at Queen Alia International Airport (Amman airport) as well as in Amman itself. Which pick up location is best depends mainly on your itinerary. Would you like to spend a few days in Amman before going on a round trip across the country, it is best to take a taxi from the airport to Amman, explore Amman by foot, and pick up your rental car the morning of your round trip. If you do not intend to spend more than a day in Amman, you can perfectly pick up a rental car directly at the airport and drop it off there upon return.

Aqaba, located in the south of the country, is also a popular location to start your journey through Jordan. Rental cars are available at Aqaba airport and in Aqaba city center. Aqaba would be most convenient when coming from Eilat (via Wadi Araba border crossing) or by plane landing at Aqaba airport.

Fill in your dates below to see availability and prices or all major rental car companies such as Sixt, Hertz and Europcar:

Rent a Car at Amman Airport

Picking up and dropping off your rental car at Amman airport is probably the most convenient option, especially when you go for a roundtrip for which you need your car from the first to the last day of your trip. In order to avoid the queues, it is recommended that you reserve your car in advance and simply pick it up upon arrival at the airport.

Rent a Car in Amman

Most renowned car rental companies have several branches spread across Amman. Many of them are located in west Amman (e.g. Abdali), which is also where many popular hotels are.

Rent a Car in Petra

Petra is on the top of the list for most Jordan travelers. Please note that you would usually not start your trip anywhere near Petra, but most likely in Amman (when landing at Amman airport). It therefore makes sense to rent a car there and then drive from Amman to Petra.

The same applies for the Dead Sea. You’d usually rent a car in Amman and then drive from Amman to Dead Sea. There aren’t any car rental companies located at Dead Sea.

Useful Tips on Renting a Car in Jordan

  • Renting a car for several days (e.g. one week) will give you a better price per day than on a short-term rentals
  • Dropping off your car at a different location usually involves additional fees. Try to select the same location for pick up and drop off
  • Most providers offer free mileage meaning that you won’t have to pay any additional charges based on the distance driven
  • There’s a “full to full” fuel policy on most cars. You’ll receive the car with a full tank and will have to fuel up before returning it
  • Most cars come with air conditioning
  • Emergency roadside assistance is often included in the rental price
  • Consider taking on full insurance (which reduces the deductible in case of damage such as scratches)
  • Renting a car at the airport can be the most convenient option. Note that an “airport fee” applies. This fee is usually included in the rental price, which is the reason why fees are slightly higher compared to locations in the city

Driving in Jordan

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