Climate in Jordan

Despite Jordan being a small country, it can be divided into different climate zones. Jordan’s climate is influenced by its geographical situation between the hot and dry climate of the Arabian deserts and the rather pleasantly warm Mediterranean region. Below are the average temperatures (low to high) by month as well as the weather forecast for the coming seven days for all climate zones in Jordan.

Jordan Climate by Month and Region

Climate in Amman

The northwest of Jordan (e.g. Amman and Jerash) has a Mediterranean climate, which can be compared to cities such Valencia (Spain) or Los Angeles (USA). Climate in northern Jordan is characterized by warm and dry summers and cool winters. With high sunlight exposure and temperatures peaking at noon, most locals will prefer the evening hours to go out during summer months. Winters in Jordan can get very chilly. Due to its high altitude, it can snow in cities such as Amman during winter months. For Amman, April and May as well as August to October are the best time to visit.

Climate in Amman Jordan
Climate chart showing the average temperatures in Amman (Jordan)
Weather Forecast for Amman

Climate at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea region is the world’s lowest point on earth. Climate at the Dead Sea differs from high altitudes such as Amman, despite the Dead Sea being less than 50 km (30 mi) beeline from the capital. Dead Sea climate is characterized by very hot and dry summers, while winters are pleasantly mild. The best time for a Dead Sea retreat are March to May as well as mid-October to November. Avoid hot summer months (June-September).

Climate at the Dead Sea Jordan
Climate chart showing the average temperatures at the Dead Sea (Jordan)
Weather Forecast Dead Sea

Climate in Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba

The extreme east as well as the southern parts of Jordan have desert climate. This includes the iconic Petra, the desert region of Wadi Rum and the famous diving place Aqaba. Desert climate is characterized by long, dry and very hot summers with temperatures peaking around 40°C (104°F). Since the places that fall into the desert climate are popular for hiking and other outdoor activities, the ideal time to visit is from March to mid-May as well as in October and November. Avoid July and August. The coolest months are January and February, where you’re likely to experience rainfall in places such as Petra.

Climate in Aqaba Jordan
Climate chart showing the average temperatures in Petra (Jordan)
Weather Forecast Petra