Family in Arabic: List of Family Members and Quotes

Family means everything in Arab culture. People talk a lot about their family and involve their close and extended family members in their daily life.

Learn how to introduce important family members like father or son in Arabic. In addition to a list of family members in Arabic, I’ve compiled some common sayings about family along with useful information on Arabic family relations.

How to Say Family in Arabic?

Before we have a look at the names of the family members in Arabic, let me teach you the Arabic word for family: aileh (عيلِةِ). Aileh is mostly used for the immediate family. If you want to talk about your extended family, you can use akareb (أَقارِب). The best English equivalent is relatives.

Family Members in Arabic

Learning how to introduce family members is an important lesson when learning Arabic. Due to the importance of family in Arabic culture, family is part of the basic vocabulary in Arabic.

When it comes to family, the Arabic language is more precise than English which means that there are a few more words to learn. For instance, there is a different word for uncle, depending on whether the relationship is from the maternal or the paternal side.

From the most important family members such as son or father in Arabic to the in-laws, here’s a complete list of vocabulary on family in Arabic.

Immediate Family Members

English EquivalentArabic (Latin Script)Arabic (Arabic Script)
Girl / daughterbentبِنت
Father abuأَبو

Extended Family Members

English EquivalentArabic (Latin Script)Arabic (Arabic Script)
Uncle (paternal)ammعَم
Uncle (maternal)khaalخال
Aunt (paternal)ammehعَمِةِ
Aunt (maternal)khalehخالةِ


English EquivalentArabic (Latin Script)Arabic (Arabic Script)

Beautiful Quotes on Family in Arabic

Would you like to express your appreciation for your family through a card or a tattoo? Same as in English, there are countless beautiful quotes on family in Arabic.

English EquivalentArabic (Latin Script)Arabic (Arabic Script)
May God bless you and your familyallah ybarek feek w fe ailtakالله يبارك فيك و في عيلتك
Family firstal aileh awalanالعيلِةِ أَولاً
Family is everythingel aileh heyeh kol eshiالعيلِةِ هِي كُل اِشي
I love my familyana baheb ailtyأَنا بَحِب عيلتي
Family foreverEl aileh lel abdالعيلة للاَبد

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