Hotels in Amman (Review)

Amman is the capital and economically the most important city in Jordan. Most visitors will start their roundtrip through Jordan with a visit to Amman. Consequently, there is a large number of accommodations in the capital. The offer ranges from hostels, hotels run by locals, to international 5-star hotels.

To make the most of your time in Jordan, I highly recommend you spend at least one night in Amman, preferably two or three.

Below you’ll find an overview of the best hotels in Amman for all budgets. I have personally reviewed all of these hotels over the past few years which means that this article is based on my own experience and opinion.

Al Qasr Hotel Amman

Hotels in Amman (Summary)

Not much time? Check out my summary of the best hotels in Amman below. To cater for all budgets, I have reviewed hotels in different price ranges across the city.

Hotel in AmmanVerdict
Rotana HotelTallest building in Jordan. Best views of Amman, luxurious rooms and facilities (rooftop pool with city view, spa, several restaurants…). Great location right off Abdali boulevard. Price range: $$$$
W HotelVery similar to Rotana hotel, only a few minutes walk away from Rotana and Abdali boulevard. Luxurious, contemporary 5-star hotel with great views of Amman. Cozy rooftop terrace with pool. Price range: $$$$
Al QasrGreat price-quality ratio. Good location in Abdali district, a 5-minute drive from the boulevard. Good views from the balcony. Clean and contemporary design. Price range: $$
CORP HotelGreat location off a busy main street (easy access to taxis). Spacious and modern rooms. The hotel comes with a pool, spa facilities and a rooftop terrace with a bar. Price range: $$
Harir PalaceRecent hotel in a quiet area, a little away from the busy areas of Amman (about 20 minutes by taxi). Beautiful traditional design, pool and not too busy. Price range: $$
Pasha HotelThe best option in Amman Downtown. Good for solo travelers and groups alike. Right off the historical sights (Roman theater, citadel…). Dated building, yet clean and functional. Rooftop terrace with great views and a unique atmosphere. Price range: $

Amman Hotels: Downtown vs. Amman West

When choosing a hotel in Amman, location is an important factor. Amman can be divided into two parts: the modern West and the ancient East.

The Western part is the center of today’s mid- to upper class. That’s also where most modern hotels are located. The East is where you’ll find most ancient sights (most notably in the heart of Amman Downtown). Buildings here are less modern. Consequently, hotel rooms in Amman Downtown are cheaper when compared to the newly constructed and modern hotels in the west. You can easily go from west Amman to downtown by taxi (costs only JOD 2-3).

If you’re looking for a modern hotel (mid-range to luxury), opt for a hotel in West Amman. If you’re looking for the lowest price and don’t mind an older building, Amman downtown can be a good option for you.

Hotels in Amman (Review)

Amman Rotana Hotel

Amman Rotana Hotel View
View of Amman from the Amman Rotana Hotel

Rotana Hotel Amman is one of the most iconic hotels in Amman! With over 50 stories and at 188 m (616 ft), it’s the tallest building in Jordan. That said, it’s no surprise that you’ll get the best views of Amman from here.

The 5-star hotel is a luxurious hotel that aims to provide travelers a celebrity treatment. They are aiming for world-class service, which is what you can truly expect here.

Rooms are large and modern. My recommendation is to request a room on the upper floors when booking, as this will make your stay truly unforgettable.

The hotel comes with all facilities that you’ll need during your stay. Probably one of the most unique things at Rotana Amman is the rooftop pool. You’ll enjoy a great view of the city from the pool area. Pools and the use of the hotel’s wonderful spa facilities and gym are included in the room rates. The hotel also provides additional spa services (good massages) at an extra charge.

In terms of location, Amman Rotana Hotel is a good option for anyone staying at least a full day in Amman. The hotel is located right off Abdali Boulevard (West Amman), which is a very safe and beautiful area for shopping and eating out. Amman Downtown (where the sights are located) is about 15 minutes by taxi (the ride is approx. $2-3).

W Hotel Amman

W Hotel Amman
W Amman Hotel right next to Amman Rotana

Another contemporary luxurious 5-star hotel in Amman is the W Amman Hotel.

W Hotel Amman is comparable to Rotana Hotel. Both are located right off Abdali Boulevard (great location), and both offer a luxurious travel experience with excellent facilities.

The W Hotel has 280 rooms (of which 44 are suites) which makes it smaller in size compared to the nearby Rotana (over 400 rooms). What I love about W Hotel Amman is the choice of room you get when booking. You can choose between skyline vs. city view, a corner room, an upper floor room etc. Standard guest rooms are very spacious and luxurious (most of them come with an additional seating area).

A signature of W Hotel is their great rooftop pool. They have incorporated various sunbeds at the water area which are not only beautiful but also great for relaxing at the pool.

Al Qasr Hotel

Al Qasr Hotel Amman
View from the balcony at Al Qasr hotel Amman

Looking for an affordable hotel in a good location and not ready to sacrifice too much on the views? One of my favorite mid-range hotels in Amman is Al Qasr Hotel.

What’s great about Al Qasr is that it’s located close to the major luxurious hotels in Amman, Kempinski, Grand Millennium, Marriot – you name it. However, Al Qasr is considerably more affordable when compared to the large chains. Naturally, rooms are a bit smaller here and you can expect less luxury. Nevertheless, al Qasr offers a wonderful price-quality ratio.

Al Qasr is between the Shmeisani and Abdali districts, two very safe and popular residential areas in West Amman. The hotel is located in a quiet street, yet only a 5-minute drive from the vibrant Abdali Boulevard and the JETT Bus Abdali office. That makes it a great option for travelers with or without a rental car.

Another unique feature of the hotel is the beautiful view you get from the balconies. Be sure to request an upper floor room, as you’ll be able to see a few of Amman’s most popular buildings here, such as the iconic Rotana hotel in nearby Abdali. The rooms themselves are comfortable and clean.

CORP Hotel Amman

Corp Hotel Amman Rooms
Spacious rooms at Amman CORP hotel

CORP hotel is another beautiful hotel in Amman which is ideal for anyone seeking a decent mid-range hotel.

What makes CORP hotel so great are the location and the price-quality ratio.

CORP hotel is located in the Shmeisani district. The hotel is on a busy main road which makes it great for travelers who rely on a taxi. On the downside, you might find it a little noisy when opening your window (heavy traffic until the late evening).

Rooms are quite spacious, super clean and comfortable. The style of the hotel is modern and contemporary. In addition to double rooms (for one or two people), the hotel offers family rooms for up to 4 adults.

What I liked a lot about the CORP hotel are the facilities. The hotel has an outdoor pool (on the ground floor), a spa area and a large gym. Besides, you’ll find a beautiful terrace with a restaurant on the rooftop of the building.

Harir Palace Hotel

Harir Palace Hotel Amman
Outdoor pool at Harir Palace hotel Amman

Looking for an affordable hotel with a pool in Amman, in a quiet yet good location? Then you’ll love the Harir Palace Hotel.

The hotel is located in Al Rashid, near the popular district Tla al Ali. It’s a safe and quiet residential area in Amman. It’s a little away from the buzzling Abdali and Downtown areas, about 20-minutes drive from each ($2-3 by taxi).

Harir Palace is a quite recent hotel which opened in 2017. That said, the facilities are new and modern. Rooms are contemporary and clean, with a hint of Middle Eastern design.

One of the best things about Harir Palace Hotels is its large outdoor pool, which is located on the patio (ground floor). It comes with a spacious terrace and is annexed to a large sitting area.

Breakfast at Harir Palace consists of a selection of Jordanian and continental options. The hotel’s bar is open in the afternoon and evening hours. Please note that it’s a rather small hotel with a local vibe. Unlike international hotels, you don’t get any alcoholic drinks here.

Pasha Hotel

Amman Pasha Hotel Rooftop Terrace
Rooftop terrace at Amman Pasha hotel

Would you like to be closest possible to Amman’s historical sights? Or are you simply looking for the lowest price? Then the hotels in Amman Downtown are for you. I have tested a handful of them, and my personal favorite is the Amman Pasha Hotel.

As mentioned in the introduction, hotels in Downtown Amman (the historical center of Amman) are generally older when compared to the hotels in the Western part of the city. It doesn’t mean that those hotels are bad, it just means that buildings are more dated, including the facilities. On the other hand, you can expect the lowest price here.

Pasha Hotel is located in the heart of Amman Downtown, a stone’s throw from the famous Roman theater, at the foot of Amman Citadel. You can even view both sights from the hotel’s cozy rooftop terrace.

Rooms and facilities are dated, yet functional and clean. The service is what makes Pasha Hotel stand out from the other hotels in the area. The owner and the staff are truly dedicated to providing its guests with a great experience. They offer a range of activities which are perfect for solo-travelers, from free walking tours, cooking classes, free luggage service etc. In the evening, you can often enjoy live music on the rooftop terrace, connect with other travelers, or play with the hotel’s pet turtles.

Note that there’s no parking available at the hotel. If you’re staying here, it’s best to get your rental car when checking out and then head off to other destinations in Jordan.

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