Hotels in Petra (Review)

Petra is one of the highlights for anyone visiting Jordan. The ancient city offers a wealth of remarkable sights and hiking trails to be explored.

To make the most of your time in Petra, I highly recommend you spend at least one night here.

Disclosure: Below you’ll find an overview of the best hotels in Petra for all budgets. I have personally reviewed all of these hotels over the past few years which means that this article is based on my own experience and opinion. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a booking, I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Hotels in Petra Jordan

Hotels in Petra (Summary)

Short in time? Check out my summary of the best hotels in Petra below. To cater for all budgets, I have reviewed hotels in different price ranges, from B&Bs to 5-star hotels.

Hotel in PetraVerdict
Petra Bubble LuxotelUnique “bubble” shaped rooms. Quiet setting, great views. Private terrace with jacuzzi. Perfect for couples. Far away from Petra (free shuttle). Price range: $$$$
Petra Moon HotelThe best location in Petra. Very comfortable rooms, great rooftop terrace with swimming pool. Beautiful view (from many rooms). Price range: $$$
Amra Palace HotelBlend of modern and traditional style. Large indoor pool and Turkish bath on site. Beautiful rooms. Great breakfast. Price range: $$
Petra Plaza HotelBest price-quality ratio. Small scale hotel with comfortable and clean rooms. Limited breakfast options. Price range: $$
Petra Sella HotelSmall hotel on the outskirts of Petra. Large rooms available (perfect for groups). Good view (from some rooms). Price range: $$
The Orient HomeFamily-run bed & breakfast. Simple rooms with traditional decor. Homemade dinner options. Best low-budget hotel in Petra. Price range: $

Important note: Petra is the name of the ancient Nabatean archaeological site. Just a stone’s throw away from the entrance to Petra (the site) is Wadi Musa, the town in which the hotels are located. The site itself is like a big open-air museum which means that there are no homes or hotels inside.

Hotels in Petra (Review)

Petra Bubble Luxotel

Petra Bubble Luxotel is definitely one of the most original hotels in Petra! This luxurious five-star hotel consists of bubble shaped structures.

Each room in the bubble hotel comes with their own private terrace equipped with a whirlpool. The bubbles are allocated in a way that you have enough privacy. During the day, you can overlook the valley on the opposite side. During the night, you’ll enjoy the starry sky. Being in a remote area, you’ll get to see many more stars than in Wadi Musa itself.

Private parking is available for free on the premises. If you don’t drive, Petra Bubble Luxotel offers a free shuttle service to the visitor’s center of Petra. The archaeological site and the town center of Wadi Musa are around 20 minutes drive from the hotel. Little Petra, another interesting sight to visit, is just 5 minutes down the road.

The hotel serves a varied buffet for breakfast and dinner. You’ll find plenty of options, ranging from local to continental breakfast. Free WiFi is available across the hotel.

Petra Bubble Luxotel is the best hotel in Petra for couples and travelers looking for a truly unique experience. It’s the top choice for travelers seeking a luxurious experience in a truly unique and quiet setting.

Please note, there are only two places in Jordan where you find bubble hotels. Petra Bubble Luxotel is one of them. Besides, you’ll find a couple of bubble hotels in Wadi Rum (the desert in Jordan).

Petra Moon Hotel

If you want to be as close to the main gate to the archaeological site of Petra, you have to stay at Petra Moon Hotel.

In addition to its top location, the four-star hotel has a lot more to offer. What I love about Petra Moon Hotel is its rooftop terrace. The view of the surrounding mountains of Petra is truly beautiful. There is also a swimming pool on the rooftop terrace where you can relax after a full day of hiking in Petra (from late spring until autumn).

Rooms are spacious, clean and very comfortable. Each room comes with a private bathroom, a minibar, TV and air conditioning.

Breakfast options are generous and tasty. You can choose between local and continental items.

You can park your rental car at the hotel’s car park and walk to Petra.

Amra Palace Hotel

This hotel really lives up to its name! Amra Palace Hotel in Petra is a really beautiful hotel in a palace-like setting from both the outside and inside.

What I really like about this hotel is the blend of traditional and modern design across the hotel. Rooms are comfortable and clean. They are equipped with simple but functional sanitary, comfortable beds and some traditional decor.

Next to the main building, there’s an additional building with a large indoor swimming pool and a spa area. A great opportunity to relax after a long day hiking in Petra (regardless of the season). The hotel has a Turkish bath, including a steam room and treatments (scrubbing and message).

Amra Palace is a large hotel in Petra. You’ll find an extensive breakfast buffet here, with options ranging from continental to local. Try out their galayat bandora (a local Jordanian dish made of tomatoes).

Free parking is available on site. The hotel is located near the center of Wadi Musa. The best way is to go to Petra by car (5 minutes drive from the hotel). Parking in Petra is free.

Petra Plaza Hotel

Petra Plaza Hotel is my favorite hotel when it comes to the best price-quality ratio.

The hotel is located near the center of Wadi Musa. You can reach the restaurants in town by foot, and can leave your rental car at the hotel’s private car park.

Petra is about 1.3 km (0.8 mi) from the hotel. To save energy, I recommend that you drive there in the morning (around 3 minutes by car). Parking at Petra is free.

The hotel has comfortable and clean rooms, at an affordable price. Bathrooms are functional and comfortable (not very new, but not too old). Rooms are equipped with a coffee maker and a small fridge (good to cool some water bottles).

Breakfast options are naturally more limited when compared to the large hotels in Petra. However, you’ll definitely find something tasty here, too.

The staff at Petra Plaza Hotel is very friendly, perfectly fluent in English and helpful in case of any questions.

Petra Sella Hotel

On one of my recent trips to Petra, I visited the Petra Sella Hotel. It’s located at the edge of the town Wadi Musa.

On the outside, this hotel looks rather unspectacular. However, the inside is quite nice. Furniture and decor are colorful and contemporary. The showers are especially spacious and very modern.

Although the hotel isn’t a high-rise building, it’s located on the upper side of the town. As such, you can enjoy a beautiful view over Wadi Musa and the mountains. Be sure to get a streetside room at an upper floor for the best view.

Petra Sella Hotel is a great option for groups. They offer large family-rooms for up to 5.

Breakfast is good (you’ll find a range of continental and regional options here). However, compared to other hotels in Petra, the choice is limited.

Parking is available on site. Make sure you have a rental car, as the hotel isn’t at walking distance to the entrance of Petra (about 30 minutes walk).

Petra Sella Hotel is a good option for solo-travelers, couples or families looking for a clean, comfortable and affordable place to stay in Petra without any additional facilities.

The Orient Home

Are you looking for an affordable place to stay in a unique atmosphere? Then Orient Home is what you are looking for!

This small hotel really stands out from all the other hotels in Petra. In fact, it’s more a bed & breakfast rather than a conventional hotel.

The b&b is a family-run business, operated by a lovely older man called Abou Ali and his family. It consists of four rooms in total (which come in different sizes). The stone walls and Bedouin carpets give this hotel its unique historical vibe.

There’s a communal area where breakfast and dinner are served. Dinner (at extra charge) consists of a homemade meal prepared by the owner’s wife. You can choose what you’d like to eat. I had maqloubah (a traditional Jordanian dish with rice and vegetables), and really loved it!

What’s important to know is that this small b&b is a great place for anyone looking for a simple and traditional place to stay at a very affordable price. That being said, facilities are not what you’ll find in the larger hotels. Rooms are small, yet clean and functional.

Petra Orient Home is located in an ancient building on the outskirts of Petra. There’s not much to do in the immediate area. You have to drive to the entrance to Petra the next morning (takes around 7 minutes).

What Petra Hotel to Choose? (Recap)

There are plenty of hotels in Petra to choose from! Which one is the best, largely depends on your personal preferences and budget.

If you’re looking for the famous bubble hotel experience, you’ll obviously want to stay at Petra Bubble Luxotel. However, if you have the chance to stay in a bubble hotel in Wadi Rum, you might want to save some money here and stay in a more affordable place in Petra (which isn’t as remote).

Travelers who’re looking for the best location will love the Petra Moon Hotel. You can’t be any closer to the main gate of ancient Petra. The hotel provides great facilities and comfort, but isn’t the cheapest hotel in Petra.

Looking for great facilities (swimming pool, spa…) at a more affordable price and don’t mind a short drive to Petra, Amra Palace Hotel will be your best bet.

For the best quality-price ratio in Petra (a comfortable yet affordable hotel), Petra Plaza Hotel is the best option. Petra Sella Hotel is a good alternative.

If you’re looking for a homestay experience, head over to Orient Home (less modern, but definitely one of the most affordable options in Petra).

Of course, there are many more hotels in Petra. I’ve visited quite a few which I didn’t like (either they weren’t clean, or they were too expensive for what they had to offer). I’m only listing the hotels which I tested and liked. However, there are also some more hotels in Petra which I haven’t (yet) personally tested.

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