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In order to show you the beauty of Jordan from its best side, we use stock photos in addition to our own picture database. Below a list of the images sources of the pictures taken by third parties that require credit.

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Tibor Duris /
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Accommodations (Sliders)
Hotels in Wadi Rum from Hamdan Yoshida /
Hotels in Amman from Leshiy985 /

3 Reasons to Visit Jordan:
Slider: Kononchuk Alla /
Petra Treasury: Leshiy985 /
Wadi Rum: TravelPixelz /
Mixed Kebab/Mezze: Paul Cowan /

Souks in Amman:
Slider: Ewa Rogoyska / 
Market: Corrado Baratta /

Red Sea Diving:
Equipment:Leshiy985 /
Cedar Pride Wreck: Roman Fomin /

Entrance Fees:
Slider: Paul Cowan /

Slider: Chiara Magi /

Jordan’s Top 10
Slider: Leshiy985 /

Best Time to Visit Jordan:
Slider: TarasikJO
Jerash: Damira /
Red Sea: Leshiy985 /

Hiking in Jordan:
Slider: TravelPixelz /
Petra: Travelwild /
Wadi Rum: Leshiy985 /
Wadi Mujib: Iuliia Khabibulina /
Dana: Kononchuk Alla /
Ajloun: Cortyn /

Camel Riding:
All photos: Peter Wollinga

Guided Tours: welcome2jordan/tours-tickets-transfers
Slider: Travelwild /

Slider: Felix Lipov /

Jordan Facts:
Slider: Travelwild /
Jordan map: BOLDG /
Monastery Petra: Felix Lipov /
Currency: Andersphoto /

10 Things to Do:
Monastery: Travelwild /