Ma’in Hot Springs: Complete Guide to Jordan’s Natural Spa

Located deep in the hills between the Dead Sea and Madaba is Ma’in. The area is unique for its natural hot springs and waterfalls. Today, Ma’in Hot Springs (Hammamat Ma’in) is a wonderful place for wellness and relaxation.

In this article, I’ll show you all you have to know about Ma’in Hot Springs, written by a local expert.

Main Hot Springs Jordan

What are Ma’in Hot Springs?

Ma’in hot springs, also known as hammamat Ma’in (حمامات ماعين) in Arabic, is the name of an area consisting of about 63 natural springs and several waterfalls. The hot springs emerge from the rainwater that comes from the highlands. The water is naturally heated by lava stone. Reaching the valley, they form natural thermal springs which are said to have numerous health benefits.

The hot springs are located in the mountainous region between the city of Madaba (45 minutes drive) and the Dead Sea (20 minutes drive).

Benefits of Ma’in Hot Springs

The hot springs of Ma’in are more than just a beautiful landscape. First and foremost, the waters of Ma’in hot springs are said to be beneficial for body and soul.

The main reason why people visit Ma in hot springs is because of the benefits of the water. It’s rich in minerals which are said to relieve stress and muscle pain. Besides, the thermal waters are believed to have a positive effect on certain skin problems.

Whether you’re just looking for a place to relax and unwind from stress, relieve muscle pain or other diseases, Ma’in hot springs are the place to be.

Main Hot Springs Resort
Ma’in Hot Springs Waterfall

Locations: Public vs. Private Springs

As mentioned, there are around 63 hot springs in Ma’in. The springs vary in size and temperature. Many of them are not accessible or too hot, while others make a great bathing spot!

The springs aren’t the only thing you’ll love in Ma’in. The area is very mountainous, with waterfalls amid the picturesque landscape.

As of now, there are two main locations to visit Hammamat Ma’in:

  • Ma’in Resort: A wonderful small resort with a private pool filled with water from the hot springs. It’s a great option if you’d like to spend the night in Ma’in, or simply seek more comfort (changing rooms, showers, food…). There is a large waterfall right behind the hotel which can be seen from the pool, the restaurant and some of the rooms.
  • Public hot springs: A stone’s throw from the resort is a large public hot spring. It consists of a multi-layer pool filled with water that comes from a waterfall. The public hot springs used to be free of charge. However, this is no longer the case. The site was recently renovated (in 2022) and now comes with several facilities for visitors to enjoy, such as toilets, showers and changing rooms. It’s wonderful place if you’re traveling on a low budget.

Entrance Fees

  • Public hot springs day pass JD 10 (approx. $14 / €13)
  • Ma’in hot springs resort (rates vary depending on the season, but it’s usually from JD 80)

If you’re staying at the Ma’in hot springs resort, usage of the pool (filled with hot spring water) and all facilities is included in your room rate.

Ma’in Hot Springs Resort

Most visitors opt to stay the night at the Ma’in hot springs resort. The oasis-style hotel features a thermal pool supplied with fresh mineral water by a waterfall. The outdoor pool is surrounded by mountains and overlooks another large waterfall.

Rooms are spacious and clean. The resort has several restaurants which serve great food at an affordable price. Furthermore, the resort provides a range of spa treatments which complete the wellness experience.

If you don’t want to stay the night at Ma’in, you can purchase a day pass (JD 10) to use the public waterfalls and facilities. That way, you can experience the benefits of the mineral waters and freshen up before you continue your trip.

Ma'in Hot Springs Resorts Pool
The Pool at Main Hot Springs Resort

Ma’in or Dead Sea?

Both the Dead Sea and Ma’in hot springs are popular destinations for a wellness retreat in Jordan.

The Dead Sea can easily get crowded, especially on weekends. Dead Sea resorts are usually more lively and offer a range of entertainment. They are popular for a weekend getaway for local families and international visitors alike. If you travel with (small) children, the Dead Sea is your best bet.

Ma’in is usually much less frequented. The atmosphere in the resort is peaceful and calm. Therefore, Ma’in hot springs are a perfect wellness retreat for anyone seeking relaxation in a unique environment in Jordan. It’s not the best place to travel with kids.

Are you traveling in Jordan and planning to visit Madaba, Mount Nebo and the Dead Sea? Even if you aren’t looking for an extensive wellness vacation, you can make a short stop in Ma’in. The drive through the mountains is scenic. The waterfalls amid the landscape of Ma’in is something that one would probably not expect in a country like Jordan which is famous for sandstone buildings in Petra or the Wadi Rum desert.

Furthermore, Ma’in is very close to Mukawir (Machaerus), the site where John the Baptist is said to have been imprisoned and executed. Therefore, you can perfectly combine Ma’in hot springs with other sights in Jordan.

Travel Planning Information

Don’t come unprepared. Below I’ve compiled some useful information for you to plan your trip.

Best Time to Visit Ma’in

Ma’in can be visited year-round. My personal recommendation is to visit Ma’in between late autumn and early spring (November – March).

That’s because the water in the hot springs is quite warm. Water temperatures vary, but it’s generally warmer than the Dead Sea. It’s definitely more relaxing to swim in warm water if outside temperatures are moderate and not too hot.

By the way, if you’re visiting Ma’in as part of a roundtrip to Jordan, be sure to check my article on the best time to visit Jordan to get a complete picture.

How to Get to the Ma’in Hot Springs?

Ma’in is in a remote area. It can be easily reached by car. There is no public transportation nearby.

  • Amman to Ma in Hot Springs: 1.5 hours (via Madaba)
  • Madaba to Ma in Hot Springs: 45 minutes
  • Mount Nebo to Ma in Hot Springs: 45 minutes
  • Dead Sea to Ma in Hot Springs: 20-30 minutes (from the resorts area)
  • Wadi Mujib to Ma in Hot Springs: 30 minutes (from Wadi Mujib Visitor’s Center)

Things to Pack for Ma’in Hot Springs

Spending a day or a weekend at Ma’in hot springs? Here are some items you should bring along:

  • Bathing clothes
  • Slippers
  • Towels (If using the public springs. If you’re staying at the resort, towels are provided.)
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream (optional)
  • Water and snacks
  • A book or some entertainment when spending time at the pool

If you stay overnight, don’t forget to pack fresh clothes for the next days, tooth brush and tooth paste, any cosmetics you might need as well as your phone charger.

Where to Eat Near Ma’in Hot Springs

Ma’in hot springs is a very rural location, amid the hills. The food options in the greater area are very limited.

There is a restaurant at the resort that reserves excellent food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’d like to eat outside the resort, you’ll find a small restaurant at the Dead Sea Museum (about 10 minutes drive from the resort). The best part about this restaurant is the excellent panoramic view of the nearby Dead Sea.

Any Questions or Feedback?

Have you ever been to Ma’in or are you planning to visit soon? Share your experience and questions in the comments section down the page.

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