Public Holidays in Jordan (2023-2026)

Public holidays exist in (almost) every country in the world. However, the occasion can be very different from country to country. That’s because public holidays are based on important cultural, religious or national observances.

Let me explain to you what types of public holidays in Jordan there are and the expected dates from 2023 to 2026. I’m also including some practical information for visitors on what to expect in Jordan during public holidays.

Public Holidays in Jordan

Types of Public Holidays in Jordan

There are two types of public holidays in Jordan. First, holidays with a fixed date that fall on the same date every year. Second, holidays with a variable day which fall on a different date every year.

As a rule of thumb, dates of religious holidays (Islamic and Christian) vary from year to year while holidays with a cultural meaning fall on the same date every year.

Below’s a list of public holidays in Jordan and their dates for the coming years.

Holidays with a Fixed Date

Public holidays in Jordan with a fixed date are based on the Gregorian calendar and take place at the same date every year:

  • New Year (1st January)
  • Labour Day (1st May)
  • Independence Day (25th May)
  • Christmas (25th December)

Floating Holidays (Islamic Holidays)

Floating holidays are public holidays with dates that change from year to year. They are based on the lunar calendar. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar which is slightly shorter than the Gregorian calendar (354-355 days vs. 365-366 days).

Many of these religious holidays have a fixed date in the Islamic lunar calendar. However, since the Gregorian calendar is established as the leading calendar in most parts of the world, we refer to them as floating holidays.

These are the public holidays in Jordan celebrated that are based on the Islamic lunar calendar and hence fall on a different date every year:

  • Eid al Fitr (end of Ramadan)
  • Eid al Adha (end of the pilgrim month)
  • First Muharam (New Year in the Islamic calendar)
  • 12 Rabee al Awal (Birthday of prophet Mohammad PBUH)

Dates of Public Holidays in Jordan

Below is an overview of the public holidays in Jordan in the coming years. Please note that the dates of Ramadan (and therefore Eid al Fitr that preceeds Ramadan) depend on the crescent moon. Slight variations (usually not more than a day) are possible. The first day of Ramadan is usually confirmed 1-2 days prior to the anticipated start date.

Public Holidays Jordan 2023

  • 1st January 2023 (New Year)
  • 21st April – 22nd April 2023 (Eid al Fitr)
  • 1st May 2023 (Labour Day)
  • 25th May 2023 (Independence Day)
  • 28th June – 30th June 2023 (Eid al Adha)
  • 21th July 2023 (New Year Islamic Calendar)
  • 29th September 2023 (Prophet’s birthday PBUH)
  • 25th December 2023 (Christmas)

Public Holidays Jordan 2024

  • 1st January 2024 (New Year)
  • 10th April – 11th April 2024 (Eid al Fitr)
  • 1st May 2024 (Labour Day)
  • 25th May 2024 (Independence Day)
  • 16th June – 18th June 2024 (Eid al Adha)
  • 7th July 2024 (New Year Islamic Calendar)
  • 15th September 2024 (Prophet’s birthday PBUH)
  • 25th December 2024 (Christmas)

Public Holidays Jordan 2025

  • 1st January 2025 (New Year)
  • 30th March – 31st March 2025 (Eid al Fitr)
  • 1st May 2025 (Labour Day)
  • 25th May 2025 (Independence Day)
  • 6th June – 8th June 2025 (Eid al Adha)
  • 26th June 2025 (New Year Islamic Calendar)
  • 4th September 2025 (Prophet’s birthday PBUH)
  • 25th December 2025 (Christmas)

Public Holidays Jordan 2026

  • 1st January 2026 (New Year)
  • 20th March – 21st March 2026 (Eid al Fitr)
  • 1st May 2026 (Labour Day)
  • 25th May 2026 (Independence Day)
  • 26th May – 28th May 2026 (Eid al Adha)
  • 17th June 2026 (New Year Islamic Calendar)
  • 25th August 2026 (Prophet’s birthday PBUH)
  • 25th December 2026 (Christmas)

You might also be interested in the dates of Ramadan in Jordan. Ramadan is the holy month in Islam. While it holds a special significance, Ramadan is not a public holiday. However, the holy month is followed by the Eid festivals, which is a public holiday. During Ramadan, most businesses (shops, banks, museums…) operate as usual, but shorter working hours are common.

Visit Jordan on Public Holidays

If you’re planning on visiting Jordan, it’s good to be aware of the public holidays in Jordan. That’s because they affect the opening hours as well as the availability and price of guides, flights and accommodation.

All major sites in Jordan are open to visit on public holidays. Therefore, you can visit Petra on Christmas and spend the New Year in Wadi Rum without problem.

What might affect tourists in Jordan are Eid and Ramadan.

Eid festivals are the most significant public holidays in Jordan. That’s because of their religious significance which a large majority of Jordanians care about. Eid festivals last over a few days. Locals love the opportunity to travel within Jordan, with the Dead Sea and Aqaba being most popular among local holidaymakers. Consequently, there’s less availability of accommodation and prices are higher.

Although not a public holiday, Ramadan can really affect your trip to Jordan. If you’re considering a trip during those dates, make sure to read my full article on visiting Jordan during Ramadan.

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