Red Sea Diving and Snorkeling

The Red Sea offers a precious underwater flora and fauna. Home to countless fish species and amazing coral reefs, the Red Sea is a great experience for diving and snorkeling for beginners as well as experienced divers. Warm temperatures throughout the year make the Red Sea a popular destination for diving during any season.

Red Sea Diving in Jordan

Aqaba is a city located at the Red Sea in Jordan, also known as Bride of the Red Sea. It is the ideal location for Red Sea diving and snorkeling in the region. The city offers an amazing underwater world only a few meters away from its beautiful coastline. Aqaba airport is located only 15 minutes from the center and serves both national as well as international flights. Besides good access, Aqaba is an affordable location with a large offer in water activities for all levels. Dive into the colorful marine world of Jordan!

Scuba Diving

The underwater flora and fauna in Aqaba is one of the most beautiful in the world, making it a true diver’s paradise for scuba diving. Recreational scuba diving is a form of diving where you carry breathing gas with you, which makes you independent from gas supply from the surface. There are numerous diving schools in Aqaba that offer scuba diving at a large variety of locations for all levels. Red Sea scuba diving in Aqaba is ideal for beginners and advanced divers. If it is your first time, you won’t have to dive deep to see the beautiful marine world of the Red Sea. Coral reefs and exotic fish are in close proximity to the coast and are therefore easy to reach for first-timers.

Aqaba’s Colorful Underwater World
Aqaba’s Colorful Underwater World

Best Diving Sites in Aqaba

There are around 25 diving sites in Aqaba for all levels. The Red Sea offers an incredible variety: from coral gardens to ship wrecks and canyons. A popular and unique diving site in Aqaba is the Cedar Pride. The wreck of a former Lebanese cargo ship was sunk in the Red Sea after a fire in 1985. Today, the Cedar Pride houses a variety of hard and soft corals and is one of the most photogenic wrecks of the seas. It is located about 130 meters away from the coast at 25 meters depth, making it accessible for experienced and inexperienced divers. Further popular dives include the blue coral at Tala Bay and the Yellowstone reef. Numerous diving schools also offer night diving excursions – a unique experience for advanced divers!

A map with all diving sites in Aqaba and further information on diving in the Red Sea can be found in the Welcome2Jordan travel guide.

Diving to the Cedar Pride Wrack in Red Sea Jordan
Diving to the Cedar Pride Wreck in Red Sea Jordan

Snorkeling in Red Sea

In addition to diving, Aqaba is also great for snorkeling. With the impressive underwater world of the Red Sea only a few meters away from the coast, snorkeling in Aqaba is perfect for first-timers. Popular places for snorkeling include Japanese Gardens and Tala Bay on South Beach, in the southern part of Aqaba. There are also boat trips to the Red Sea, where you can snorkel (or dive) with the whole family.