Guided Tours & Transfers throughout Jordan

Petra (from Amman)

Petra is one of the symbols of Jordan and one of the most visited sights in the country. Most visitors opt to visit Petra on a roundtrip across the country, for which a rental car is by far the best option. However, there are also guided tours with transfers from Amman to Petra for those who don’t drive. The drive from Amman to Petra takes about 3 hours (one way).

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is the place to go for adventure seekers. The best way to explore the desert is by jeep and/or camel. Local Bedouin tour guides will take you to the best places in the Wadi Rum desert, where you can explore sand dunes, rock bridges and much more. Wadi Rum can be conveniently reached from Amman, Petra or Aqaba; either by self-driving or with third-party transfer.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is an one-hour drive from the capital Amman. Hiring a driver makes sense for those who don’t self-drive. Dead Sea tours (from Amman) can be combined with a visit to Bethany Bapitism site, located only a few miles / kilometers further north.

Madaba & Mount Nebo

Madaba and Mount Nebo are two major religous sites in Jordan. Madaba, also known as the city of Mosaics, is conveniently located off King’s Highway, only a few miles / kilometers from Queen Alia Int. Airport. If you want to visit Madaba only, the cheapest option is going by bus (there’re numerous bus connections between Amman and Madaba), or of course by rental car. Those who don’t drive and would like to explore further places where there is no public transport, will find a tour most convenient.


While Amman can be easily explored by foot (see a 2-day itinerary for Amman in the Welcome2Jordan guide), there are a few guided (walking) tours available to accompany you through the capital.