Visa Requirements for Jordan for Tourists (2024)

There are two main ways to obtain a visa for visiting Jordan: a visa on arrival or a visa requested in advance through the Jordanian Embassies abroad.

Which method you are eligible for largely depends on two factors: your nationality and the way you enter Jordan.

On this page, you’ll read what you need to know on visa requirements for Jordan.

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Jordan Visa Types

There are two types of visa for Jordan: a visa on arrival and a visa obtained through the Jordanian Embassy abroad. Make sure to read the information carefully. In addition to your nationality, it matters whether you will enter Jordan by plane or via a land border crossing, as visas cannot be issued on all land border crossings. Besides the regular single-entry visa, there’s also a multi-entry visa.

Visas on Arrival

The most common method for obtaining a visa for Jordan is to do so on arrival. You simply arrive at the airport and move towards the passport check area. The fee for the visa on arrival is JOD 40 and is payable upon arrival at the airport.

Visas issued on arrival are single-entry visas valid for four weeks. Whether you are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival depends on your nationality. Citizens from the US, Canada, European Union (EU), GCC countries, as well as the UK and Australia are among those who are eligible for a visa on arrival.

While for most nationalities the visa requirements for Jordan are simple, there is one exception for Indian citizens. Indians are eligible for visa on arrival if they fulfill at least one of the two conditions: traveling through a tour operator or having a valid residency in the Schengen countries (EU), a GCC country (Gulf Countries, e.g. UAE), the UK or the USA.

The Jordan Ministry of Tourism has published a list of all nationalities that can obtain a visa on arrival.

Jordan Pass (with Visa on Arrival)

Are you planning to stay in Jordan for 4 days or more? Then the Jordan Pass might be interesting for you. The basic version costs JOD 70. It includes free admission to Petra (worth JOD 50) and waives the visa fee (worth JOD 40), which means you’ll already save JOD 20 with the Jordan Pass. Besides, it gives you free entrance to another 40 sights in Jordan, including Jerash and all major sites in Amman.

Visas in Advance

Some nationalities will need to obtain a visa in advance, or perhaps you prefer to do so ahead of time to simply your travel. This can be done at your nearest Jordanian Embassy.

Arriving via a land border crossing? Please note that visas cannot be issues at some land border crossings regardless of your nationality. If you’re traveling through the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge or Wadi Araba/South Border, you’ll need to arrange your visa in advance.

The only land border crossing that currently issues visas on arrival is the Sheik Hussein/North Border.

However, keep in mind that requirements and opening times are subject to change without prior notice. If you intend to enter Jordan through a land border crossing, I strongly recommend that you arrange a visa in advance through one of the Jordanian embassies abroad.

As mentioned above, Indian nationals who are not traveling through a tour operator or have a residency in a Schengen state, GCC country, the UK or the US need to arrange their visa in advance through the Jordanian embassy.

Visa Extension

The standard visa issued on arrival is valid for one entry and allows you to stay in Jordan for one month. Fallen in love with Jordan and want to extend your stay? That’s easy. You will need to register at a Jordanian police station before the expiration date of your visa. You’ll get your visa extended by having your passport stamped again.

However, if you leave the country before the four weeks are over and come back, you will have to purchase a new visa.

Single Entry vs. Multiple Entry

Frequent travelers can go for a multiple entry visa, which allows you to leave and re-enter Jordan multiple times. Multiple entry visas cost JOD 60 (2 entries), or JOD 120 (3 entries). Please note that this visa type cannot be obtained on arrival, but must be requested at a Jordanian embassy abroad prior to your arrival to Jordan.

Travel Documents

To enter Jordan, you will need an international passport with a validity of 6 months or more upon your date of arrival. The latest is very important. I have been to the situation twice where I flew from Europe to Amman, and there was an announcement that one (or more) passengers were unable to board the plane because their passport had a validity of less than 6 months. Sadly, this wasn’t controlled during baggage drop off but only when boarding the plane. As a result, the passengers were refused boarding, and their luggage had to be unloaded.

One empty page is required for the entry stamp. If your passport has expired, has a duration of less than 6 months at the date of arrival or does not have any blank pages left, you will have to request a new passport for your trip. Please note that ID cards, driving licenses etc. are not considered valid travel documents.

Which Visa Do I Need?

With the information above, you should be able to figure out what visa for Jordan is right for you. I have listed a few examples below:

  • UK, US, Australian, GCC (Gulf countries) or EU-citizen (e.g. German), arriving to Jordan by plane: eligible for visa on arrival.
  • UK, US, Australian, GCC (Gulf countries) or EU-citizen (e.g. German), arriving to Jordan through a land border crossing: need to arrange the visa in advance (for most land border crossings).
  • An Indian citizen living in a Schengen country (EU), the UK, US or a Gulf country (e.g. UAE) : eligible for visa on arrival.
  • An Indian citizen living in India and traveling to Jordan through a tour operator: eligible for visa on arrival.
  • An Indian citizen living in India and traveling to Jordan independently: need to arrange the visa in advance.

Sources: The information in this article is from the official Jordan Tourism Board, the Jordan Ministry of Health and the Jordan Ministry of Transport. While I do my best to regularly check and update the information, I encourage you to check the official sources at the time of your travel.

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