Wadi Rum Jordan

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Wadi Rum is a sandy and rocky desert located in southern Jordan. With 740-square-meters (280 sq mi) of protected land, it is Jordan’s largest and most important wadi. Cultural heritage paired with impressive red sandstone, rocks, camels and spectacular adventures make Wadi Rum one of the highlights in Jordan. Once the dwelling of Lawrence of Arabia, Wadi Rum is now home to hundreds of Bedouins and has become one of the most popular destinations for hiking and outdoor adventures in Jordan.

Things to See in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a desert with impressive history and nature. It is one of the five UNESCO sites in Jordan and the only one that combines both natural and cultural excellence. In addition to impressive rock formations and spectacular red sand dunes, you will also see well-preserved prehistoric petroglyphs. Wadi Rum was furthermore home to T.E. Lawrence during the Arab revolt. Sights such as Lawrence’s House and the Lawrence’s Spring allow you to walk in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Lawrence’s House
  • Lawrence’s Spring
  • Mountains e.g. Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  • Jordan’s Highest Mountain Jabal Umm ad Dami
  • Red Sand Dunes
  • Rock Bridges e.g. Burdah Rock Bridge
  • Rock Carvings and Petroglyphs
Wadi Rum Sand Dunes
Red Sand Dunes in Wadi Rum

Activities in Wadi Rum

In addition to its cultural heritage, the desert is famous for its rich offer in activities. Whether you would like to have one of the typical desert experiences like riding a camel or going on a Jeep Tour – there are plenty of ways to explore Wadi Rum. Adventurers can enjoy sandboarding in the red dunes and hiking on top of impressive rock bridges. Furthermore, Wadi Rum is home to Jordan’s highest mountain, Jabal Umm ad Dami (1,854 m / 6,082 ft).

Climbing a Rock Bridge in Wadi Rum
Climbing a Rock Bridge in Wadi Rum

Plan Your Stay

Where is Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum is located approximately 60 km / 37 mi (1-hour-drive) from Aqaba and 300 km / 185 mi (4-hour-drive) from Amman. The best way to visit Wadi Rum is in combination with Petra. Finally, if you have more time, consider adding further stops to make a road trip through Jordan.

How to get to Wadi Rum?

Most visitors opt to rent a car in order to drive around Jordan. Wadi Rum is easily accessible by car, which can be parked at the free car park in front of the Visitors’ Center. You can explore Wadi Rum by yourself or book a Jeep tour and/or camel or horse ride. Local Bedouin guides are available to show you around the desert. We recommend booking overnight stays in advance to ensure availability. Guides and tours are generally available upon arrival.

Where to stay in Wadi Rum?

You will get the most of your trip by staying overnight. This allows more time to explore the desert and will furthermore bring you an unforgettable cultural experience. Enjoy Bedouin hospitality and traditional food under the impressive starry sky of the desert. There are no stone houses in the protected area of Wadi Rum. Overnight visitors stay in Bedouin camps, which offer accommodation that ranges from basic to luxury.

What to pack?

A stay in Wadi Rum – either for one day or several days – will be an unforgettable experience for any Jordan traveler. Since Wadi Rum is a desert area with few shops in the nearby Rum Village, make sure to bring anything you might need during your stay. The Welcome2Jordan travel guide includes a handy packing list for your trip to Jordan.

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